phylogeographic data aggregation and repurposing

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers 1910623 and 1911293


Date Author(s) Title Journal
2024 Decker, Provost & Carstens Bats of a feather: Range characteristics and wing morphology predict phylogeographic breaks in volant vertebrates BioRxiv [preprint]
2024 Amador, Arroyo-Torres & Barrow Machine learning and phylogenetic models identify predictors of genetic variation in Neotropical amphibians Journal of Biogeography
2023 Bharti, Pawar, Edgecombe & Joshi Genetic diversity varies with species traits and latitude in predatory soil arthropods (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) Global Ecology and Biogeography
2023 Fonseca, Pelletier, Decker, Parsons & Carstens Pleistocene glaciations caused the latitudinal gradient of within-species genetic diversity Evolution Letters
2023 Larkin, Myers, Carstens & Barrow Predictors of genomic diversity within North American squamates Journal of Heredity
2022 Burbrink Uniting genetic and geographic databases to understand the relationship between latitude and population demography Molecular Ecology Resources
2022 Parsons, Pelletier, Wieringa, Duckett & Carstens Analysis of biodiversity data suggest that mammal species are hidden in predictable places PNAS
2021 Barrow, Fonseca, Thompson & Carstens Predicting amphibian intraspecific diversity with machine learning: Challenges and prospects for integrating traits, geography, and genetic data Molecular Ecology Resources
2018 Pelletier & Carstens Geographical range size and latitude predict population genetic structure in a global survey Biology Letters
2018 Carstens, Morales, Field & Pelletier A global analysis of bats using automated comparative phylogeography uncovers a surprising impact of Pleistocene glaciation Journal of Biogeography

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Tara A. Pelletier, Danielle J. Parsons, Sydney K. Decker, Stephanie Crouch, Eric Franz, Jeffrey Ohrstrom, Bryan C. Carstens. 2022. PhylogatR: Phylogeographic data aggregation and repurposing. Molecular Ecology Resources.